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This 501c(3) Foundation is in memory and honor of Thomas Noah Smith, age 17; who brought abundant joy to this world and died, too soon, due to an undiagnosed enlarged heart.

Our purpose
To make sure middle and high school students have access to free heart screenings by raising funds to provide local hospitals with mobile cardiac equipment.
* We never charge for our teen heart screenings and every teen is welcome to attend, no matter where they live.

Our Mission
To prevent all families from suffering the loss of a child, by providing early detection & education for teenage heart ailments.

Accomplishments (up to June, 2015)
 (2) AED's (Automatic External Defibrillator) to children's organizations
(25) CPR/AED Manikins to aid schools in learning CPR / AED 
(20) complete mobile screening rooms - all include:  EKG/ECG; folding tables and all necessary equipment to conduct medical tests

To date, working with Hurley Medical Center volunteer doctors, nurses and techs, we have given FREE EKG/ECGs to over 1,500 teenagers in Michigan.
As a result, 18 previously undetected heart ailments have been found and these young people will now lead a normal life.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers, donates, and gives of their time and talents to save the lives of our children.   God Bless You All!

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 Is your school Heart Safe?
 Click above for more information on how to become a MIHeart Safe School in  Michigan.

For more information about Michigan's K-12 school law:

The Thomas Smith Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Thank you for your support:

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